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A Guy, a Leaf and a Truck

What is this? A Chevy S10. What makes it so special? It’s electric. This is a (sort of) short story about a guy who needed an electric pickup and when there wasn’t one on the market, he made one. All by himself.

The guy bought the S10 above as his first car when it was new, it came with a manual and all. After a while, he decided he needed a more efficient car but didn’t want to give up his beloved car. So he found a totaled Nissan Leaf that got rear ended pretty bad but the battery pack was still intact. What he did was swap in the Leaf’s battery with some modifications so it could work with the truck:


He then decided to remove the clutch for even more efficiency, and he also told me that the truck can go from 0-40 in 2nd gear so he doesn’t need to do much shifting. He said he has to rev match to downshift and keep feathering the gas (or the electric...?) until the engine revs high/low enough then downshifts. I have no idea how that works (probably because I’m an idiot), but according to him it does. But he said if he were to do it again, he’d keep the clutch because the shifting process is weird. Here’s a spec sheet:


The grand total cost was about $5,000, but he said it took a lot of time up. And yes, he did it all by himself. I think this is a really cool thing he did, even better that it has a stick even if he doesn’t shift much. And the fact that he did this all alone is pretty badass. I pointed him towards Oppositelock and told him to make a burner and post about it, and he said he’ll give it a shot. Hopefully we see him on here, but for now he’s given his number for you to contact with any questions (on the spec sheet). That is all. Resume shitposting.

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