Anthony Welsh, the fine upstanding University of Texas fan pictured above with his infant son riding on the tank of his Suzuki Hayabusa, was recently arrested on an outstanding warrant for some other traffic offense. He remains unremorseful.

Welsh was spotted riding his Suzuki GSX-1300R Hayabusa—a first generation model with a 1299 cc, 173 hp motor and capable of a limited top speed of 186 mph—in flip flops, University of Texas shorts, technical fabric workout tank top, and backwards University of Texas hat. The baby, sandwiched between the Hayabusa’s gas tank and Welsh’s stomach, appears to be wearing a red onesie.

The person who took this photo was so upset that someone would ride around with a baby on the gas tank of a motorcycle that they did not contact any law enforcement agency, but they did post it on Facebook. Many people commented, including, eventually, Welsh himself:

“I seen all of your post an got all your threats screen shot so keep talking shit about me an will see how that works for you an the one who took this picture it would be in your best interest to take it off...!”

Apparently he also argued on Facebook that it was fine to give a baby a ride on the gas tank of a Suzuki Hayabusa, because he stayed close to home when he took his son for a ride. I’m sure he did it in equally articulate fashion.


Welsh bonded out of jail on the unrelated traffic warrant before he was charged by the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office with endangering a child, but then turned himself in on the new charge. He has since posted bond for that charge as well.

Under Texas law,

No child under five (5) years old shall be a passenger on a motorcycle and any passenger that does ride as a second person on the motorcycle must be seated in a secured seat to the back of the motorcycle with secure hand grips and two foot pegs.