Here is the car:


He sent me these pics, so the quality isn’t great, and no engine bay shots.

However, he did send me some history:

“I am interested in selling my car.

Facts about my car:

1) 1974 Karmann Ghia (VW). I have owned the auto since 1975 (45 years). The previous owner was my insurance agent and was the original owner, for a very short time..


2) It has been driven 210,000 miles. Odometer actually reads approx.10,000

3) A new 1.6 D/P engine installed about 20,000 miles ago (Aug ‘04).

4) For the past 18 years it has been garaged and driven in Las Vegas, a very dry climate. The garage is completely enclosed. I have all of the service records since 2003.


5) It has been registered and insured by Hagerty as a “Classic Car” in Nevada and has been driven less than 2,000 miles/yr over that time span. According to current Nevada law you are allowed to drive it 5,000 miles/year.

6) Body is clean with no rust at all. Two very small nicks in the paint.

7) Exterior looks new. Repainted it approx 28 years ago. interior shows some wear.


8) never in an accident.

9) It has been religiously serviced by an expert VW service company in Las Vegas.


10) My Classic Car Insurance Company, Hagerty, places the following values on the VW-Ghia.

Cherry condition - $16,00 - $18,000

Average Condition - $11,300

Poor condition - $7,000 - $9,000

This vehicle is in above average condition, My asking price is $11,900.”

I have to be honest with the guy - I think he might more money for it, and I am telling him to put this one on Bring A Trailer. Look at these KG sales:


He might get lucky if somebody wants a car owned by one person for 45 years. What do you think?

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