For some reason, probably because my family got one as a rental every time we went to Hawaii way back when, I have a soft spot in my heart for the little B11 Sentra wagon. If I had some spare cash I would even consider picking one up should there be any left on the face of the planet that haven’t rusted into oblivion.

Whilst poking around on Google, I found an article from C&D from when this car was new that really shows how things have changed over the last 30+ years: “Since at 2100 pounds the Sentra is not especially light (despite the use of 169 pounds of weight-saving high-strength steel), much of the credit for this efficiency must go to its E-series en­gine”. 2100 lbs. Not especially light. 2100 lbs. Yeah, I know it would probably not fare well in a collision with a Smart ForTwo, but it really shows how much the weight has gone up over these past several decades.