So what could possibly be a downside to owning a vehicle that's cheap, incredibly easy to maintain, and is loved by a massive group of enthusiasts all over the world? It's damned near impossible to find parts for it at a junk yard. It's almost easier to keep a Miata on the road than it is to junk it and there are just enough people willing to put the time in to do that. Junked Miatas are almost unicorns around here.

The last time I was at my local Pick-n-Pull, they had three - all NAs - and two of them were almost picked to the bone. Now they're down to one and that's about half plucked. Not that it would have helped me anyway. The whip antenna on the one remaining NA wasn't compatible with the retracting antenna on my NB.

The irony is that I could have rebuilt my shit box Neon with nothing but the VIN plate and unfettered access to there. I could have also started a spec 4th gen Mustang GT racing series just with what was in that Pick-n-Pull.

Most cars there were from the '80s and '90s. The number of cars from before that was slightly more than the number of Miatas. So why, oh why, did one of them have to be this?

It was stripped, bent, and rusted beyond repair (as you can see) and only had a straight six, but it was still a little depressing to see. What could have been.