I have owned many cars. I have always found myself drawn to Japanese cars because of the quirks, fun factor, reliability, and resale value.

It feels like a million years ago but back in 2003, I bought my first 300zx. It was a 1992, pearl white, manual, and 2+2.

It was one of my favorite cars. I’d even buy another one just like it but sadly I don’t want to dump the money into one to make it twin turbo... But that is besides the fact of this little blurb.

You ever find something on a car like a forgotten tool? Cash wedged in the center console? Or some other treasure? I found one that is epic in my 300zx.


One day doing something (it was always something wrong), I lifted the rear carpet and Voila!



That’s right. Some worker put a 100 yen coin into the sound deadening material. At one point I looked up the year of the coin. The 43 refers to the year of the specific Emperor. I left the coin there and sadly sold the car when I got out of college... Someone out there is driving a 300zx with a hidden luck charm.

If that isn’t a luck charm. I don’t know what is...