Tasteful build, but also VERY confusing. As Jay points out, this is a V12, where’s the third pedal? Also, how could a geometry teacher afford this? The build took 4 years, so that’s part of it. But he only put 1500 miles on it since then and Jay was the first person to go full throttle, which scared the guy.

I hope this dude has other classic cars, because if I spent 4 years of my life building something, there would be more than 1500 miles on it in less than a month. So maybe he’s driving other things? Though I wouldn’t be surprised if his only other car is a Honda Fit.

This could be a case where the creator didn’t expect to be so terrified of his creation when it was finished. Perhaps both the horsepower and the prospect of damaging it are too much for him, and that’s why he’s selling it. This is the antithesis of the David Freiburger “just get it running so you can enjoy it” mentality. Very strange.