Okay, so I have a guilty pleasure. I LOVE the occasional off year when Chicago gets hammered by a historical snow storm. One of the best storms had to be the blizzard of 2011. During such blizzard, I was actually driving around looking for my first car (not cat, damn you XKCD) to buy.

I keep calm and cool, so I have no worries about driving in weather emergencies. It’s so strange, people in the Midwest see rain and snow every year, yet nobody ever knows what to do in it. I drive at an appropriate pace, keep my momentum, and scan the road like I’m looking for an enemy in Fallout 4.

And if you’re “unlucky” enough to get caught in a major storm, local businesses often have your back. I LOVE getting cheap/free food from restaurants just because it’s snowing hard.

Dare I say, driving in inclement weather is actually kinda fun.

But so far this year, the Midwest has been pretty mild...There’s a flood warning for Rockford, but otherwise the weekend will be pretty comfortable in Chiberia.