A history of my saturday

*thinks I’ll get so much done today!*

Me - I’m going to hang up some blinds I bought in our daughters room

Wife - no those are ugly I want different ones, hang them in the garage.

Me - Almost got those blinds hung in the garage time to work on my ca...crap


I done stepped were I ought not to have stepped.

Blinds hung

replaced the crappy OSB with 1/2" ply.


good now to work on my ca...

Wife - Time to go to the movie. (the grinch...worst “you’re a mean one mr grinch” song in the history of music)


me - fun movie, I guess I should work on the car...but I have all the wood tools out, I guess I’ll make that boot shelf I’ve been meaning to make.

*some time later*

Crap stripped out the buck a piece lag screws, better run to the despot and pick up a new torx bit and screws.


Gets back, bought wrong size of bit, goes back out

sees this


has hearty chuckle.

Finished boot thing


Time to work on the ca.

wife - can you go get dinner?

gets dinner, time to go to a concert with the in laws.

No car work is done.

I did do a little on it yesterday though.


the Land cruiser comes with the stupid cubby there, so I make a blank with delrin and i threaded in a 1/4 #20 helicoil in there to mount stuff like my phone. I like it. Solid. I need a longer arm and another phone mount. I’ll put a spare phone in this spot for torquepro and my regular phone will go back to where it was.

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