A Humble Suggestion...

Not likely this will be heard or considered, but I'm going to make an honest-to-goodness recommendation anyway. Also, extremely mild NSFW after the jump. Like maybe in trouble if you work in a nunnery.

Can we have profiles or something here? Nothing heavy duty, but a place to put a short bio would be cool. I'm thinking mostly of Gimmi here so he isn't incessantly hectored with the same questions, but a place to but what cars we own, mods, and something else short and sweet would be a pretty cool idea.


At least I think so.

Also, change the name. Graverobber hit it on the head almost a year (maybe two) ago now when he said that "Kinja" was a portmanteau of "kinky" and "ninja". Can't ever get that out of my head now. Here's a Kinja:

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