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A joke

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I mean, it probably drives decently enough (I haven’t driven one, though). But, well, take a look at the efficiency.

All figures from, however long that site remains around
All figures from, however long that site remains around

Ignore the range figures, different battery sizes affect those. (Well, don’t ignore the fact that the C-Max Energi has better range than the A3 e-tron - it actually has a smaller battery.)


When your Golf (the A3 Sportback is just a Golf, and this powertrain is sold in the Golf GTE in Europe) has significantly worse efficiency (both electric and gasoline) than a tall Focus that’s been dogged by fuel economy scandals, that’s bad. And, as far as power goes... both have similar power across the board. Engine’s 150 hp 1.4T, vs. 148 hp Atkinson-cycle 2.0. Battery alone can provide 102 vs. 91 hp. Total system power is 204 vs. 195 hp. It’s not like the Audi’s a significantly more powerful vehicle.

When your Golf has worse electric efficiency, and only slightly better gasoline efficiency, than a giant “mini” van with a 3.6 Atkinson-cycle V6 with 248 hp, and a total system output of 260 hp? (Not sure how much power the Pacifica has from the battery only, I suspect they could’ve tuned it for far more than 260 system hp, though, if they wanted to.)

Or, when it has worse electric efficiency than a three-row crossover that can get to 60 in under 3 seconds (Tesla’s not releasing power figures any more it seems)... what the fuck, Volkswagen. Seriously, what the fuck.

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