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So a Mountie is sitting at his desk on Christmas Eve, working late at his detachment in his rural area. It’s late, it’s snowing, and he wants to go home. A call comes in from dispatch, saying that there’s been a complaint of a suspicious vehicle at the drive-in movie theatre, and that they want him to go check it out. So the Mountie gears up, gets in his police cruiser, and drives to the theatre.


When he gets there, it’s pretty dark, save for one vehicle sitting in the middle of the lot, one that normally has a great view of the screen. The Mountie lets dispatch know where he is, and goes in to check out the vehicle. With his flashlight out, he approaches the car, and sees two people sitting inside, an older man and a woman, sitting there and chatting. He knocks on the window, and the man rolls the window down.

“How’s it going tonight?” the Mountie asks.

“Oh good, good, it’s just date night since the kids won’t be in until tomorrow,” says the man, his hand resting on the woman’s by the gear shift. The Mountie looks at them, skeptical, but he’s seen weirder things than dates on Christmas Eve.


“What’re you up to for your date, then?” the Mountie asks. At this point, he’s more curious about what’s going on than whether or not they’re breaking the law.

“Oh, we’re just here to see that new movie.” The Mountie stops for a second, completely confused.


“Which one is that?” he asks in bewilderment.

“Oh, you didn’t see the sign out front? Closed for Winter!”

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