A joke, but this time it's Japanese, not German

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The 2019 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid: because 90 MPGe/17 mile range on 8.8 kWh, and 35 MPG combined, with a big lump of battery in the cargo area (just like the Prius Prime), in a lifted Impreza Hatch is supposed to impress me?


I will say, this is less of a joke than the Audi A3 e-tron, or the MINI Cooper S E Countryman ALL4 - it’s longitudinal and mechanical AWD, yet beats both of them on efficiency. I suspect Toyota’s expertise did help a lot here (apparently it’s using a Toyota power split device powertrain). But, really?


And, worse, it apparently can only run in EV mode below 65 MPH.

I still consider this absolutely pathetic next to the much, much larger Pacifica Hybrid’s 84 MPGe/33 mile range on 16 kWh, and 32 MPG combined.


Come on, people, do better than this.

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