The trip started in Hamar, Norway.. I'd done some driving in a semi to Italy before, so I knew this would not be the shortest of trips. (not my pictures, just giving you an idea of the trip)

Anyway, I set out in my old Ford (1996 Fiesta) from Hamar

Figured Copenhagen would be a nice place to have my first stop.

Copenhagen looks good as always.


Spent the night in Copenhagen, next stop München.

München was nice, but a bit cloudy when I stopped there, but had a nice night anyhow.


Not that far now, but we'll do a night in Slovenia as well.. Ljubljana is a great place, just don't find yourself in a dark back alley late at night.

So.. Final Stretch and we end up in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful places on earth.


All in all it's about 30 hours in a car, and SO many hours having fun and looking at stuff. I did the trip in about 4 days because you just can't do this without having a few nights here and there enjoying the beauty of old European cities.