A Journey to Not Be Repeated

So I recently took a trip to New Orleans for my birthday and St. Patrick's day, but that has little relevance to the story. Where we shall begin is when my girlfriend and I left New Orleans, we did not return home to Philadelphia, no we flew to Orlando to meet a gentleman, term used very loosely, about a car. This was no ordinary car, this was suppose to be a "turn-key" streetable-track car. My girlfriend and I landed around noon ET and were greeted by the individual who I had never met, only spoken to, in order for him to transport us to his home to look at the car. At this point I am sure you are all asking "What kind of car?!?"

Now, I had a PPI done by Precision Sport Industries in Florida so I was aware of the general being of the car such as a crack in the bumper, the pain not being perfect, etc. The biggest issue, at the time, was the subframe had started to show signs of cracking. Now the individual who was selling the car did adjust the price for me so I could have my own shop fix it. Back to the arrival, after giving the car a once over we proceeded to the bank and the DMV which took forever, then a brief stop at UPS to ship 2 tires. We then returned to the house to prep the car for the journey home. This is where the fun really begins.


The individual, let's call him "D", had stated that a box of parts, which he detailed out would be included in the sale. This "box" turned out to be 3-4 random boxes, mostly with junky trim and the real parts scattered about. The one part missing, the TMS Subframe Reinforcement kit that he specifically was including and obviously directly correlates to the biggest issues I knew about with the car. In addition, I was buying the car with an extra set of wheel wrapped in RS3s, which were still on the car, contrary to our agreement that the stock 18s with whatever tires would be mounted. So I had to help D switch the wheels and tires, then load the track set into the car, only to find out he had no torque wrench. D just bought a GTS3 race car and was replacing this car with that one. Furthermore, D had built custom door panels for the car out of aluminum since the stock ones were removed, however he never fitted pull cables or a release strap on the inside so we had to reach outside the car to let ourselves out. Finally, after loading everything up and getting my girlfriend into the seats and harnesses we start to leave ... at 5pm. D then begins to use a razor blade to scrape off tint and the ugly decals you see above, which also was suppose to be removed prior to my arrival. I told him to stop and that we needed to go having not had any food other than airline peanuts for about 10-11 hours now.

That night we drove to Savannah, GA as my girlfriend had never been and stopped along the way for fuel as seen above. The car drove surprising well considering the stiff suspension and race seats. The drone however from the lack of sound deadening was unbearable for the journey back to PA, something which we attempted to rectify the next day. The car also has 90A motor mounts so stopping and idling was a bit rough. The next morning I awoke to a gloomy and rainy Savannah. I went down to fetch my girlfriend's suitcase to only behold the fact that the sunroof delete was improperly sealed and leaking all over my passenger seat. D's response to my text was sorry the sealant must have dried out...really!!!! Why did you not use weatherproof silicone like everyone else on the planet. I quickly got Gorilla Tape from The Home Depot and plastic bags to cover her seat so we could go to breakfast. The roof began to leak again so we went to Lowe's I purchased FlexSeal, as seen on TV, and to my amazement it stopped the leak ... for a while. Mind you we were driving around, in the rain, so the flex seal never had the proper time to cure so I reapplied it at every stop. In the end it did it's job, though not a pretty one. We then ran to Target to get ear plugs for the following day.

After spending the day in Savannah, we got a good night's rest to begin the long journey to almost home. See it was the first day of Spring, but it was snowing in PA so we elected to stop just north of DC to spend the night and miss the weather. The drive was long, we stopped only for fuel and for lunch with the exception of this one pit stop below as my girlfriend had never been.


After getting lunch at the next exit down, we got back on the road. The car lights up like a Christmas tree on the inside due to the wonderful job by D.


The washer fluid indicator, oh yea that is because D removed the reservoir ... another surprise to me. The SES and Traction light are believed to be due to the SMG to 6MT swap that was done on the car. The TPMS and Seatbelts are self explanatory. The last one, the tail light out was because D forced the wrong bulb into the socket and I believe permanently damaged it, something I just discovered yesterday.

So after 11+ hours of driving, losing our hearing, and somewhat needing a chiropractor ... I have a track car. My girlfriend did very little complaining the whole time, she must love me very much. So now the real work begins. I have fabbed up two temporary door releases. Removed the decals on the front and rear windows. Began removing the crappy tint. Started removing the random wiring harnesses that lead nowhere that D left in the car unconnected. Goal is to run at Palmer in May, which I have already paid for. The car generally drives great so we shall see. One last picture for now.


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