Let's go back in time to 2005. Assuming you have no knowledge of the future, and what cars will be like in the now-present day. Back in the days of MySpace, LimeWire, MSN Messenger, before Toby Keith really sucked, before smartphones became glued to everybody's hands, like some sort of partial high-tech crucifying ritual, before Pontiac died its slow death. What car would you buy in the 2005? New or used. Let's assume that it's January of 2005, so no 2006 MY cars are on the lots.

Notable vehicles for 2005 include:

The first year of the C6 Corvette


Chevy Cobalt

Bugatti Veyron

Your choices are NOT limited to these, they're just examples.

If it were me, I think I would go with the Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged, with a stick of course. It's got more character compared to the more sedate base model Cobalts.

What's your choice? (Alternatively, if you DID buy a car in 2005, what did you buy? If you could go back and get a different vehicle, would you?)