When my wife was just finishing college she worked at a clinical lab near Seattle. Due to her schooling she worked nights prepping slides for examination the next morning. One night she got off work around 4AM and headed home. On the way she swerved to dodge a cat crossing the road, clipped a curb and rolled her beloved Justy. Unhurt, she crawled out the passenger side window and surveyed the scene. It was dark, there was no one around and this was before cell phones were everywhere. She was about 5 miles from home.

Looking at the car, and knowing how flimsy it was, she grabbed a hold of the driver’s side window opening and gave it a pull. The car moved. So she put her back into and rolled it back onto its wheels. She then hopped in and drove home.

I saw the car two days later. A rear wheel link was bent and one of the rear pillars was badly dented. I told her she needed to get a new car. That thing was unsafe on a good day, but now it had lost a lot of its structural rigidity. She hated the idea, but she knew it was time to go.

So, the moral of the story? Don’t swerve to dodge animals and Justy’s are super light weight cars.