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A Kia dealer in Minnesota has a Stinger for sale..

Only its not. Luther Kia in Bloomington Minnesota has a brand new 18' Stinger listed on Cargurus. Its one of only 2 listed for sale in the whole country. (The other one is in Miami, though Cargurus or the dealer itself neglected to put any contact information for the dealer.). 

Cargurus also seems to be the only auto buying site where you can actually search for the model. Autotrader and Cars.com dont even have the model listed yet.


So I decided to contact them about price. Unlike other Kia dealers, this one seems to have ok reviews (3 1/2 stars!). Within 10 minutes, one of the sales guys there got back to me with an email that said the following:

Hi Lawrence,

We do not have pricing information on these cars yet. November/December we should have a better idea. We should have one to drive in December as well. I can let you know when that time comes if you want. Otherwise we have a Korean model on display in our showroom.

So they dont have pricing on the car, even though pricing was made public about a week or 2 ago now, and the one they do have, the one LISTED FOR SALE, isnt for sale, but a display model. Then he says its a “Korean display model”. Stop the bullshit and just say the one you saw isn’t for sale its a display model. I highly doubt Kia sent them a Korean market Stinger. (I could be wrong though since they seem to be one of 3 dealers I have seen that have one. But still)Why list it then if its for display?

Do you guys think Kia dealers are going to treat this car the way FCA dealers did with Hellcats? Having display cars that you have to go through hell to actually try and get a look at only to be told that the car isnt for sale? Then it pops up later in the year for sale?

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