This is a Lister Jaguar from the late 1950s.

It was a British sports racer built around a Jaguar 3.8 litre engine and was nicknamed the Knobbly from the bulges over each wheel. Worth a great deal of money if you fancy one.


You don’t have to go buying second hand though. Meet another Knobbly, this time from the 21st century.

This is not a mere replica. You can buy replicas of the Stratos and GT40 if you’ve a mind. No, the new Knobbly is a continuation. That’s better, and dearer. A continuation is just like the original in every respect, just made later. So the Knobbly continuation has:

A genuine Jag 3.8 litre with three Weber carbs (also a continuation in fact, it’s by Crosthwaite and Gardner)



A genuine GM V8 as used in some models at the time

Genuine four speed gearbox as opposed to one of your fancy five or six speeders

A dynamo (no, I didn’t know you could still get them or why you would want to other than period correct)


Contact breaker points (see above)

Dunlop crossply racing tyres (see above too)

No power steering, or power anything else

A body built on the original jigs

You’ll need, I’m afraid, a great deal of money but you guessed that was coming