A lack of car based fiction? A disturbance to the force this is?

Henry Felsen wrote several great stories of pulp fiction using the car. A long time ago in a basement far far away I read a copy of Hot Rod from my father's book shelf. I don't remember much except it being about 50's teenagers scrounging for cheap parts to race with and that it was terribly excellent.

What about now? Is anyone writing car fiction? Stories about kids boosting their car for the first time? evading police? Heck , running coke in super-cars? Besides King writing Christine and Buick 8, what has there been? Would any of you read these stories? Sitting down by the fire with your feet up when it's too cold to wrench in the garage and dig deep into a good story of (insert something on cars you always wanted to do)


Are there any literate sorts that could direct any of the interested jalops toward some newer fresher authors dabbling in car fiction? I'm sure i'm not the only one.

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