My wife and I took off work this afternoon to test drive a few cars, sans kids, in our ongoing effort to replace the family truckster. We stopped by a GMC/Buick dealer and a Lincoln dealer to drive the lacrosse, Acadia, and Continental. Here’s our initial impressions.

Lacrosse. I have a hard time getting past the nameplate, but this was a pleasant surprise. Very comfortable for my 6'5" frame, very nice interior for the price, very quiet even at 75mph, and overall a decent full size sedan. Engine and transmission worked so well you were never aware they existed, which is ideal for the cross country duty we will use it for. Cons include poor visibility, Ok stereo (Bose is overrated), and the badges on the front and back. But seriously, this car is quiet as hell and just plain comfortable.


Acadia. Much cheaper interior than the lacrosse while also costing $10k more. Lots of room, including a functional third row. A bit smaller than the Enclave and Traverse, which is a plus. Better visibility, but noisier. Overall, a decent alternative to a minivan.

Continental Reserve. This was towards the top of my list. We test drove a very low miles certified used model. Right away I was surprised by how noisy it was. Not only was the engine louder than our 9-7x, but there was a noticable squeal coming from a rear wheel. Maybe a rusty brake disc? Transmission seemed be be uncertain and searching for gears. The 2.7 Ecoboost sounded like a truck motor. Seats were very comfortable with gobs of settings, but thinner padding left me concerned about long term comfort. Visibility was better than the lacrosse. Best stereo of the group. Overall I was not as impressed as I was hoping going in.


We also sat in an MKX. While very nice inside, I have no idea why anyone buys a midsize crossover if they have kids. Rear legroom is terrible. Just terrible.

There you have it, the lacrosse is on top at the moment. Apparently we’re octogenarians at heart.

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