Goes well with a good Martini.

Now that I have you suckered in. I'm going for a job interview tomorrow. There is a company here in the city that handles all the electronics retrofits for police, fire, and ambulance chassis. I would be an installer. 50k to start, which isn't a lot, but it's not bad. I'm just deathly scared of the interview process. As I always seem to be. I sent them a few pics of the quality of my work as an installer and the owner of the company was willing to stay well after hours to slot me in for a chat. That is tomorrow.

If I get the job, it's a shorter commute and actually puts me closer to an organization not as rife with the politics or work hoarding as the one I am with now. And the shop all this is done out of is a secure non smoking facility without free to air aluminum welding going on in the same building.

But If I get it, It will mean betraying few friends who took the hit and brought me on.

Feels good to let it all out but I'm just as nervous as a wet hen.