A Lap Around Thompson: TNIA 7/30

This is not my fastest lap, but I only recorded video for session 3 but have data for all 3 sessions yesterday at Track Night In America. Thompson is relatively flat, only 1.7mi long, but has some tricky changes between the asphalt and the cement oval, as well as a “bump” just as you’re WOT for the straight but still turning. It’s a little hairy. Anyway, here’s my favorite lap that I recorded yesterday because I made 2 overtakes hehe

Just want to say thanks so much to the Oppo’s who assured me I could actually do this. I was so nervous having only done 6 track days last year and still in an instructed class with PCA. But I was solidly in the middle or so in Intermediate last night when I had my tire pressures correct and tires warmed up. Had a great time, and FINALLY got on track this year.


Don’t critique me you bastards I know I’m a noob lol

Update: my second fastest lap of the day but I thought the GTI was going to give me a point by early on the straight so could have been my fastest if I didn’t have to lift.

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