A list of every single new Chevrolet around the world: Part 1

One of my favourite past times is to go to the websites of car makers from other countries and see what sort of interesting vehicles they sell. I love seeing what old models they continue to sell new in other places. Personally seeing every single new model they sell compiled into one list is quite satisfying. Ford and Fiat had pretty concise lineups, so it’s time for me to tackle a behemoth.

Chevrolet may seem a quintessential American brand, but they have large operations all across the globe, selling cars you never knew existed and cars you thought they killed decades ago. It’s also incredible that despite the plethora of models they sell, they have barely any presence in Europe or Australia.



That red Spark has chrome in all the wrong places...

We start simple, we don’t want to get confused too quickly. The humble Spark, available in regular and wannabe crossover Activ versions.

Spark GT / Beat

AKA Chevrolet Beat GT. What does GT even mean these days?

Never mind, this has already got confusing. In other countries the previous gen Spark is still on sale, and got a facelift to look like the newer model. I loved the exaggerated proportions, with the massive headlights and the no BS, this is a cheap car approach of this gen Spark, so it’s kinda disappointing to see it more grown-up.


Also despite effectively being a car from 2009, it only recently got a saloon version. Also a plastic cladding Activ version.

Spark Life

I know, that new front bumper fooled you into thinking that the whole car was designed yesterday.

There was an even older version of the Chevrolet Spark called the Daewoo Matiz, and the second gen is still sale in Colombia and Ecudor, now with extra Spark and Life!

Sonic / Aveo

Remember the Aveo? That’s what the sonic is called in other countries.

Ah, we finally move on from the confusing world of Chevy Sparks, to it’s slightly bigger brother the Sonic. Very simple. Except remember how it’s the replacement to the Aveo? Well that’s what the Sonic is still called outside America.

Aveo / Nexia


As for the original Aveo? it’s still sold in Egypt and Uzbeckistan (as the Nexia).

Aveo Family


Wow, not only do they sell 3 different generations of Spark, but they also sell all 3 generations of the Aveo concurrently. (Even if the T250 is just a heavy facelift.) This family friendly version (presumably) is an Ecuadorian exclusive.



Another Gamma II hatchback, primarily for South American markets. Sometimes the base model is known as the Onix Joy, but I don’t know what’s so joyful about it. The money you save?


The whole Joy thing still counts here

Finally something easy to explain! It’s the saloon version of the Onix. I hate it when they call the saloon and hatchback completely different model names, what’s the point?

Sail / Sail3 / Aveo


The third generation Chevy Sail, a Chinese designed saloon. In Mexico this replaced the Aveo, and therefore stole it’s name over there, despite the fact Chevrolet already sells 3 other different models called Aveo.

Sail (2nd gen)


But the second generation Sail is still kicking for Colombia and Ecuador, as a cheaper alternative to the Onix. As you can see there’s no longer a hatchback variant for the 3rd gen.



The Cobalt still lives, as another Gamma II saloon... It’s apparently as a cheaper more upmarket alternative to the Prisma in South America.



GM has recently decided to resurrect the Monza nameplate, for yet another China exclusive saloon. But couldn’t they choose a nameplate that wasn’t always attached to a coupé? There are so many other old Chevy saloon nameplates they could have used.


You just got killed by a Daew-umm, Chevy Lanos motherfucker! Nah...

The surprisingly famous Daewoo Lanos still lives! Sold only in Egypt from Knock down kits in 6th of October (What a peculiar city name) imported from our friend GM Uzbekistan (who don’t sell them there). Seems the hatchback versions haven’t survived.

Bolt EV

Colt crossover and Jolt sports car next?

Some familiarity, the Bolt! Actually Chevrolet insists on calling it the Bolt EV, while the Volt is just the Volt. What gives? That’s so annoying!



We finally move from the disturbingly large number of subcompacts to the recently killed Cruze! Uhhhh ... this is awkward.

Cruze (2nd gen)

There’s like two photos in the entire world of a facelifted Cruze estate.

But they also still sell the older Cruze elsewhere. The countries where they are sold in are pretty random, Peru, Iraq and a few Eastern European countries where Chevrolet never left. Those European countries are also the only places you can still get the hatchback and the estate.



Yet another reborn nameplate, the Cavalier is now a Chinese Delta II saloon, like a cheaper Cruze. Also sold in Mexico, Chile and Ecuador.



The Reasonably Priced Car still lives! It was sold for an awful long time in other markets, but only Chevrolet Uzbekistan still sells them now. Chevys make up 90% of all new car sales there, so they get alot of exclusive models.


Apparently they also sell it in Algeria, but their website has gone bust.

The old Optra was what the Lacetti was called in other countries. I guess in Egypt that was good brand recognition, as a new Optra is only sold there. It’s actually a....Baojan 630? Baojan is a Chinese company owned by GM.



Chevy’s soon to be former electric halo car? I personally prefer the blockier, less generic styling of the old one, this just looks like a Cruze.

Malibu / Malibu XL

Say cheeeeeese.

Hey, there’s a Malibu refresh coming out soon! They can finally fix the looks!


Oh dear.

Malibu (8th gen)


Chinese car companies love selling old cars along side their replacements, and the last gen Malibu still lives with a facelift. To differentiate the two, the current model is called the Malibu XL in China.



The humble Impala. Soon to be RIP.



Funnily enough, the Camaro is the most consistent model in Chevrolet’s lineup, on sale in 37 countries out of the 55 Chevrolet operates in. Recently got an already infamous update.



We’ll end this on something recognisable. The many versions of the Corvette C7. It and the Camaro are the only Chevrolets sold in many European countries, where Chevrolet is positioned as a performance brand, (Not really working though). Still it’s the only official presence GM have in Europe now Opel/Vauxhall is gone.

And that’s all the cars, but it’s getting real damn long, so look forward to part 2 for all the MPVs, CUVs, SUVs and commercial vehicles. Or don’t.


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