Time for another post about Kipper, showing that it has gone from decent beater to complete garbage.

-Frame is still cracked. Oh, I took this picture back in August. That leaking brake line has long since been fixed.

-Bed is even rustier now (and the panel’s bulged out behind the RL tire), as are rockers.

-Unless I let it run for like 20 minutes, it’s guaranteed to stall- and won’t start unless I hold the pedal to the floor while cranking, and THEN rev the shit out of it. If I don’t rev it, it’ll sputter and die again.


-It’s still got an unexplained leak. Power steering’s never gone out, brakes work, oil’s good, coolant’s good, clutch reservoir is full....

-Motor mount is still garbage

-Heater’s gone from working after running for a while to not working at all, blowing ice cubes at me even after an hour of driving. Which is why I drove my mom’s Explorer when it was really cold.


On the plus side, I do have a fresh chrome front bumper sitting in my room right now.

EDIT: It’s pretty much done for. I guess it’s time to start saving. I always wanted to keep my first car, but I guess that’s not going to happen now.