A later GMT400 (post 95, so with the newer interior) short bed single cab Silverado/Sierra.

On the subject of GMT400s, a Tony Soprano-spec Suburban. Literally the perfect GMT400. Tony Soprano may have been a piece of shit, but he had great taste in trucks.

A third generation Toyota Celsior. Why a Celsior and not a CDM LS? Because of cloth;


I’d definitely settle for a cheaper first or second gen one though. Probably also easier to find with the cloth seats too. But it would be nice to have the more modern comforts of the third gen.


And last but not least, a two parter. Either an Elgrand or an Alphard, the newest one I could find (so probably a 2004 as that’s the newest you can import). Not too different from the Celsior really, just in practical van form.

Honourable mentions;


Delica, which would be quite cheap and easy to find. Honourable mention because, as cool as the Delica is, I’d prefer a more comfortable and more DD-able Alphard/Elgrand.

A second gen Toyota Soarer. Honourable mention because honestly, while I like the Soarer, I don’t think I like it enough to go out and seek one. Maybe if one pops up for sale while I’m scrolling through Kijiji or Autotrader.


A Toyota Sera. Honourable mention because, aside from the doors and bubble roof, it’s really just a Paseo. Those doors are absolutely fantastic though.

Feel free to post some of yours, or not, I’m not the boss of you.