A while back I asked Oppo for some advice on the failing sock filters for the carbs on the 02. Through that, I found a really neat air box that is just what I need, but was too expensive for me to just “pull the trigger” on. It also happens to look awesome and match the valve cover I am preparing for the car.


My wife and I both have December birthdays and My parents took the three of us out to a really nice little steakhouse to celebrate. During which my 18 month old daughter was extremely well behaved which is wild because we were there for more than two hours. She is reaching the age now where going out to eat has to be a 30 minute or less ordeal. For whatever reason last night she was content with chatting up the servers and telling us all about Elmo, Goofy, and Donald.

I know you parents already know, but it is motherfuckingcrazy to watch your kids learn/grow! She’s been talking for a while but all of the sudden shes breaking out these super complex words that we’re not teaching her directly. “coffee”, “yellow”, “shampoo”. When she get’s up in the morning it’s arms outstretched “Hug?” (she gives a little pat on the back with her hugs) then she says “milk?”, “please?”.... Adorable. Little kids are amazing.

Annnnnnnnyway, before they left my parents slid each of us a box. My wife got a new dehydrator (ya know jerky, kale chips, things of that nature). Ya boi got a “Complete air filter box with filter cartridge” for a twin Weber setup from Dbilas Dynamics! I can’t wait to slap it on when we get a nice day. My parents are also car enthusiasts and my father and I had discussed this part but both agreed it was a little expensive for what it was.

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