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STWJRC: A little bit on Dad's '05 Ranger FX4

In early 2011, Dad bought this to replace the ‘95 F-150 I’ve already posted about.

He put a Kenwood radio in it, speakers, a sub box, and an amp. It was a very good sound system.


Then, my 12th birthday came around. Now, I’d recently gotten obsessed with mudding, so Dad took my best friend and I out to the Mounds ORV park in Mt. Morris, Michigan. We played around a bit, and Dad wanted to take us back to watch the stuff on tractor tires and what not. A simple plan.

Unfortunately, the area had a lot of rain, making big holes even bigger. After a couple small ones that were no issue, we promptly got stuck.

For 45 minutes. With no back up vehicle. Thank God for the guy with the 3500 Suburban who yanked us out.

Amazingly, despite water being halfway up the engine, and up to the base of the driver’s seat (it was stuck at an angle), the truck never died, and made the hour and a half trip home without a single incident. Amazing. Though the starter did have to be replaced.


That amplifier? Fried. I think my friend also had his cellphone messed up. I can’t remember. I know that Dad had JUST gotten the condensation out of the aftermarket taillights that were on the truck when he got it. The incident left a bit of water in them.

In February of 2014, it looked like we’d need more passenger space, so the Ranger was traded in on an Edge.


Sadly, as I’ve posted, it was then wrecked, and a vehicle report site says it was scrapped.


A real shame. R.I.P. truck. Never let us down.

This concludes the third round of Storytime with JRC.

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