A little complaining

Today is a day to avoid the FP comment section on anything Miata.

It's nothing but people complaining about a tiny car not having hellcat power figures. I know I don't need to explain or defend the new Miata's engine figures to you but I will since y'all are civilized and people on the FP are still getting pissy that I don't like flat billed hats. I think I know how Doug feels now.


I have nearly 14K miles experience with the 2.0 skyactive engine and unknown mileage in my gf's 3 with the same engine but pre skyactive platform. It is a great engine. You won't be winning many drag races but it'll get you fast enough to get you in serious trouble. To top it off, my car is 500+ pounds heavier and fwd.

155 hp is enough to have fun without killing yourself too easily. My guess is most of the people who bemoan the power figures and compare it to cars of similar ilk, likely have never driven those cars to even know what they're like. "Even the Toyobaru twins have 200 hp and they're slow" they wail. To that I say, the Miata is smaller, lighter, and never had any pretentions to be a drift car.

Another factor is the MPG. We complain "it's a sports car, to hell with gas mileage". Why don't you go tell that to the federal government and their requirements. Mazda is ahead of the game. I get 40 mpg in mine on the highway. I can get more if I want to drive a little slower.

Mazdas aren't about straight line speed for the power gluttons. They're about having fun and putting a smile on your face. Hell, they had some so fun the cars themselves were smiling from the factory.


Why buy a car that you can't use to its full potential? You don't need 700 hp to do burn outs. It's fun to say you have that much power but it can't be utilized on the street. If you do you're an asshole who puts people's lives in danger. Not everyone has the ability to track their car and not every car can handle being tracked regularly regardless of power. And if we're really honest with ourselves, very few people can handle the power new cars are coming out with. It's very cool and impressive, but just because you can buy a car with 400+ horsepower doesn't mean you have the ability to push it anywhere near its limits.

One final note. What carmaker has come along that made a car that was smaller, safer, more powerful, and lighter than its first iteration? I'd really like to know. Everyone complains that cars have gotten big and bloated and they need more power just to move and yet Mazda comes along and does it and all people do is bitch.


So while all these commenters are complaining about the new Miata not having enough power while they're getting gas in their non existent Hellcat for the 2nd time today, that can't take a turn without spinning out or their Z06 that went into limp mode after being tracked for 15 minutes I'll be enjoying a mountain road, smiling at the fun, not worrying about killing myself with a fat wallet that doesn't go to gas, higher insurance premiums, and a cheaper MSRP.

Photo credit to the first thing that popped up in GIS.

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