This crazy man called Ricardo Anaya isn’t as crazy as Lopez Obrador, and he’s Obrador’s only real competitor. He wants to meddle in US policy.

Yep, we’ve gone full circle.

Anyways, the next debate on May the 20th will be in Tijuana, where they will discuss, amongst other things, their foreign policy. Mexico has the most trade deals world wide and our economy and culture has been shaped around a global perspective. I know I sound like an IB teacher now, but stay with me. Mexico is a big player in global foreign policy and the people competing for the Presidency will have the chance to shape it through a possible Trump double term, a more conservative EU, the rise of China and India, and the rise of automation and globalized business from which we have benefited for the better part of twenty years.


Anaya had posted on his own campaign site, that he wants to get the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program legislated through the American congress.

Almost half a million Mexicans living abroad (mostly in the United States) will vote in this election with turnout as high as 81%; much higher than those within Mexico and they just happen to be mostly voters for PAN: Anaya’s party.

Anaya is facing an uphill battle if he wants to get Trump Republicans to legislate DACA, surely the GOP being a “master negotiator”could find a way to make that happen, but at what cost to Mexico’s economic independence or in fact our sovereignty over things we already gave away to other administrations: NAFTA courts, co-dependent security policy and policing, and immigration laws.


Anyway, Anaya, Obrador, Meade, Zavala, and Rodriguez will all share a hotseat in the city of Tijuana come the 20th and be sure I’ll be laughing and crying somewhat simultaneously as the debate unfolds.