So progress has be a little slow currently on the Europa. It has mostly been banging out U-joints, unfreezing caliper pistons, Injecting foam, sanding, cutting ect. First Major Part done was the transmission was cleaned up and repainted.

Nope I did not pick the color...

Next up was the disassembly of the front brake calipers. The pistons were pretty rusted in place and took a lot of beating and pushing with a grease gun.

Its apart. New pistons came with the rebuild kit


The Rear suspension and axles were busted apart, stripped and painted


And some experiments with structural foam were done. This is going to be injected into a lot of the open space in the body of the Europa to add rigidity and safety support.

And my favorite part was I did some test sprays of the paint color that I chose for it. I still have to find a good yellow for the stripes, bonus points if anyone figures out what car the paint is from.


Yes I know my spray job is not great, I kind of rushed it to get it done.

Tune in next time for some more sporadic updates.