I'm really, really pissed off at brazilian government.

Let me explain: since 2010, the government over here was artificially holding back the price of gas, so the inflation wouldn't go overboard. I'm not pissed of about that, since we could get gas a little less expensive because of this.

But what really got me ticking was that this year, after getting reelected, brazilian president (I REFUSE to say her name), nominated a new economic crew and they told her that the economy over here is bonkers... something that every single brazilian with half a brain knew already, and that the government must cut some costs.


But, like the a....ole they are, instead of cutting in the flesh, like salaries and some bonus and other things all the elected people get (like help to pay for a house in the place were you will work; they receive a large sum of money to spend with the people they employ (mostly people of theyr own familie and friends), postal service, etc), not mentioning that the receive for salary in a momth what a majority of brazilians FAMILIES receive IN A YEAR!

Since last week, trucker over here are on strike, blocking highways and shit, because of the price os Diesel, toll boths and such. Yesterday, the presdent made a speech telling the people that the government didn't have ways to lower diesel prices. Not to mention that they cut money from health, education, security and are raised taxes.

But the straw that broke this camels back was today, when the congress over here approved a raise in those benefits they get, even permitting that wives get free airplane tickets payed by us!!! Ah, this "raise" will cost nearly R$ 150 million per year!

Seriously, if anyone over here at oppo needs a lawyer and offers me a help to get the hell out of this country, PLEASE....


A couple of Copo muscle for your time


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