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The temporary phenomenon of Trump and the rage he induces has made us go mad with the idea of tearing down institutions that have contributed to our stability. Our Founders created a system designed to force compromise (they lived in a polarized time) and designed fto ensure that no one gets their way for too long. Present circumstances would suggest that they were very wise in this regard.


The Electoral College is an institution that has served this nation well and has contributed to our remarkable stability. The idea of tossing it out because of a single election seems unbelievably rash. I am not demanding that you agree; I am asking you to consider the possibility that reasonable people might support the Electoral College without being Trump-loving MAGAlodytes. A great deal of our Constitution is designed to protect the minority from oppression by the majority, which is why the Civil Rights movement found such an effective home in our courts.

California in some ways can provide an apt lesson. Our state is geographically large and very populous. We have large rural areas, and concentrated population centers, not unlike the US. Those of us who do not live in those population centers are shut out of state policy almost entirely, and really have no effective voice. The latest trend has been Bay Area money pouring into local elections here in the San Joaquin Valley to swing districts. Whatever your politics, a democracy without a meaningful opposition is not healthy. Go talk to people in Redding...or Tulare....or Brawley...or Chico, and ask them how much voice they have in California. We have total paralysis on water, for example, and have not dealt with a population that doubled in 50 years.


So this is an institution that exists for a reason, and wanting it gone because you hate Trump is a little shortsighted. Maybe not all of those country folk are backwards rednecks who should be disregarded, and maybe numbers shouldn’t always dictate policy.

Think hard about the Electoral College. There have been five elections in US history where the winner received less votes than their opponent. We have been a remarkably stable and prosperous nation during the history of this institution. If we are going to debate it’s usefulness, perhaps it would be best if we not do so in the shadow of Trump. He tends to make conversation difficult.


You can call me names now. Come and get me.😁

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