A little self-promotion

I’m kind of a strange loner. I love cars, but I’m flat broke, so hanging out with other people in car-related situations is a little hard (why does everything have an entrance fee?)

Life has always been crazy, and I’ve always been busy enough to not mind the fact that I didn’t really have any hobbies or social relationships, but the economic slump of the past year has left me with a bit of free time on my hands. In my search for things to occupy myself, I decided to get back to an old passion; drawing. I’m no ‘artist’, but I love to sketch & ink in a slightly Manga or Webtoon style. I’ve started 3 different comics through the years, but never had enough time to keep going with them. Since that’s recently changed, I’ve taken the plunge, and made a commitment to start devoting an hour a day to drawing.


To occupy some of that time, I’ve finally started publishing one of my comics online. This is the silliest of the 3, so I guess the lack of art skill is fitting. After a while, when I’m more comfortable with my skill level, I’ll start drawing the other two strips again. Coloring takes too long as really bogs me down, so for now I’m putting my wife’s love of coloring books to work; she’s coloring this strip with pencils. I’ll be updating this one twice a week (Tuesdays & Thursdays), so even though there isn’t much yet, there will be a steady stream from here on out.

If anyone is interesting in reading a silly newspaper-format strip, check it out: Super Rainbow Toast.

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