No this post isn't car related. However, I thought I'd share a quick story and a warning for others.

So the last few days, probably more like a week, I've been smelling burning wires in my living room. Well it's been cold so we've had a space heater in here so I thought maybe it was that, so I swapped to a different heater. Still smelled the wires off and on.

Then, last night, I came inside from smoking and saw smoke coming off the lamp in the opposite corner of the room from the heater. So I unplugged it and figured "well, it was a cheap lamp from Wal-Mart, THAT musta been the problem, it was shorting out.

An hour or two later, I come back in from yet another smoke break (yes I know I smoke too much) and STILL smelled burning wires. Walked over to the outlet the lamp had been plugged into and saw the bottom part of the outlet was melting. When I grabbed my screw driver to take the outlet cover off, an arc shot off the screw to my screwdriver. So I pulled the main circuit breaker (my house is old enough it's mostly still on fuses but the main, A/C, washer, and dryer all have dedicated mains) and took the outlet out of the wall. The ground wire wasn't hooked up at ALL so I hooked that up then turned the power back on. No more heat in the wires! BUT, it melted enough that the 2 wires for the bottom socket will touch if I try putting it back in the wall.

Well, I'm fortunate in that my father-in-law is an electrician. So I gave him a call this morning and he said that space heater is what caused those wires to get so hot. He said space heaters load the circuit, and most outlets in a room are either wired in tandem or the whole room together, so much that any short in the circuit is exacerbated and can lead to fire. He said he tells all his customers to throw away their space heaters; kick up your regular heat if you need to but the added cost of doing that is a hell of a lot less costly than your whole house burning down.

So, if you've got a space heater, please consider his advice and throw it away. I know I am.


Just wanted to share that with everybody cause I don't want any homeless Jalops out there from the same kind of mistake I made.