Thursday night I lost power.

Friday after working until my laptop battery was almost flat. I shoveled all the wet heavy snow and raked my roof. We heated rocks on the stove to keep the lizard warm enough. We got take out from a local place that had power. That evening I went and picked up a generator from my in-laws and spent until 1 am working on getting it running again with no success.

Saturday morning I got up and found the last bit of gunk inside the generator’s carb and got it running.


Then I ran a couple extension cords into the house and got the lizard’s lights, run that fridge and charge up some devices. Then I went to Lowes to get supplies to get the generator hooked to the house. I had to go back to Lowes and also go to Home Depot to get everything I needed. Also hit the grocery store. I wore a mask and washed my hands a lot but it was still nerve wracking being out. I was not able to get everything hooked up for the generator. I wanted to do the final wiring after I had slept so I didn’t screw anything up. We were able to cook some Easter eggs and dye them. Yay for gas stoves.

Sunday we did an egg hunt and I finished up the wiring for the generator, mounted the inline power box and hooked the generator up to the house. It powered everything but the furnace.


A couple hours after I got it all hooked up the power was restored to our house so I turned off the generator and unhooked everything and took a shower. We did not have the Easter dinner we planned as it was late and the rolls alone would take 2 hours.

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