The Navigator got redesigned for ‘18 along with the Expedition. I think its gorgeous. Handsome and uniquely American Luxury. I mean look at this interior:


If Lincoln keeps going the way they have been with this and the Continental, Cadillac might not be the only American luxury brand anyone takes seriously much longer. But with this new generation comes a hell of a price increase.

We’ll just use long wheelbase versions for the sake of building because standard wheelbase versions of this and the Expedition aren’t as cavernous cargo wise as many would think, leading you to think why they are still around in the first place. A last gen, 2017 Navigator L started at $68,675 with awd. The ‘18? $84,600. A price increase of $15,925. That’s crazy (and exactly how much a 2018 Navigator L will be worth in 2021 with 70 thousand miles).

I do appreciate what Lincoln is doing with their Black Label trims. They give you the ability to sort of personalize your vehicle with different themes based on snooty rich people things. The Navigator comes with 3: Yacht Club, Destination and Chalet. The color combos these things have are fantastic and tasteful.


Yacht Club,inspired by yachting of course, covers the interior in what Lincoln describes as Coastal Blue Venetian leather and yes you can get those 30 way power seats the Continental has.


Destination is inspired by traveling and leather bound books, which sees the interior covered in Maghoney Red Venetian leather.


The last of the themes, Chalet, is inspired by ski lodging and wintery backwoods. It sees the interior covered in Alpine Venetian leather which I think is the best of the 3.

You want to ride in style in any of these? Be prepared to balk at the sticker. All Black Label extended models with AWD start at just over $98 grand. $98,100 to be exact. Keep in mind this is before you add any of the options it has.


Paint option wise, there are 2: a blue color that matches the interior color of the Yacht Club theme is $1750. A weird gold color that I can only describe as dark honey mustard is the same price and doesn’t go with any of the interior color choices but for some reason you can get it with the Chalet theme which is terrible.

They come loaded started features wise. You get power running boards that are also illumited, and a pano Vista roof as 2 stand out standard features.

  • 22' inch wheels are a grand. I added those.
  • A rear seat entertainement system with wireless headphones and dual screens is $1,995.
  • Those 30 way power seats that Lincolin touted in the Conti? $1,250.

All totaled? A what the fuck inducing $102,340. Or $1480 a month for 72 months with 10% down and a 4.9 apr. So if you wanted something thats not as passe or cliche as an Escalade and you didnt want to buy that small fixer upper for 100k, head down to your Lincoln dealer for this madness.

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