BC Rail used to be our provincial railway, a crown corporation that existed from 1912-2004, when it was leased to CN rail for 999 years. That was a political clusterfuck that I won’t get into, but it’s always odd to see one of their locomotives running around that hasn’t been repainted in CN livery. This one is especially odd, because it’s a GE Dash 8-40CM. It’s a fully cowled Dash 8, made only for Canada, and mostly for the BCR. They ordered 26, something to do with less snow building up but I’m not really sure. What I do know is that no one likes running them very much because you can’t see behind you very well at all. Anyways, here’s another 40CM, and a more common 40CW for comparison.

Edit* I just double checked, and CN ordered 55 of them as well, so they weren’t mostly for the BCR