A long Sunday, but a good one


We drove to Malibu to see my son, who has been in a treatment facility for depression for 37 days, as we have every Sunday since he was admitted. This time we stayed after and they allowed us to take him out for lunch and ice cream. He is doing much better, like a different kid. He agreed to go to the high school closest to our house, rather than the one across town where his brother goes. I think a fresh start in a new place will help.

The good news is that he is likely to be released next Sunday, which we were all excited to hear. I feel good about trying to help him with intensive therapeutic support, something that might have made surviving middle school easier.

Every week when we go, we do a family therapy session, then a group session with all the kids (only 5 there right now). It can get pretty heavy, as some of these kids have been through a lot. It isn’t the easiest way to spend a Sunday (500 mile round trip), but it needs to be done. Next week will be even better, because he comes home.

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