have you ever wondered how an automotive journalist goes about his or her daily routine? I have. My quest to be a great journalist began when i found out about Jalopnik during 5th grade recess at John F. Kennedy Jr. School in Queens, NY. These guys were passionate about strange and unusual cars and I immediately fell in love. anyway, Ever since Jalopnik was first published and distributed by passenger pigeon in 1888 and introduced the world to no nonsense, truthful, and down to earth automotive journalism it has been a haven for enthusiasts.

What's interesting, is that that through the years different writers have come and gone, but ever since 1972, Jalopnik has been published on the world wide web and has had a smart, consistent voice. Did you know that a Jalopnik journalist published the first "dashcam" video to the internet in 1936? Now you do.

anyway....the daily life is awesome to a journalist. Wake up, look at youtube, search for "rally", "old cars", and "vintage race" and then write about the emotions you feel watching these videos; then, before lunch, sometimes you can browse internet forums or craigslist for somebody that isn't living like a true enthusiast; and call them out! Perhaps on a good day, a car company will make a stupid decision that spits in the face of us jalops and then a brainstorming session will happen that produces two paragraphs about how real car people are being lost by the corporate nonsense. These insights have been gleaned from months of research on twitter, enclycopedia brittanica, and a short trip to the Louvre in 1987.

having found this community in oppositelock and Jalopnik at large, I hope to one day live my dream of writing about real car culture everyday.