A Lot of British Cars Ranked by Power/Weight

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First of all let me stress: this is NOT a comprehensive or perfectly exact list, just a fun exercise to see how all these cars compare to one another. Some interesting thing to note:

There's not much going on in the British sportcar world from the 70s-90s

There's been a crazy amount of performance cars from British brand since the last 5 years or so (nearly half the list)


Britain sure specializes in niche/kit car-ish brands, cars of questionable "production" and road legal-ness are italicized

If you missed them, I've got similar lists for Japanese cars


and American cars

1983-Land Rover Defender 90 Wagon 121339528.06
1962-80Triumph Spitfire68175325.78
1959-67Mini Mk1 (Cooper S gross)55141025.64
1973-76MG GT V8 (gross)137238917.44
1959-67Austin-Healy 3000 (gross)150255017.00
1976-86Rover SD1187317416.97
2008-Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe435672515.46
1962-73Lotus Elan (gross)105151714.45
2012-Morgan 3 Wheeler82115714.11
2007-13?Mini Cooper John Cooper Works208282213.57
1973-Caterham 7 (160)80108013.50
1975-96Jaguar XJ-S V12304405413.34
1985-97Bentley Turbo R (RT)400527013.18
1998-03Jaguar XJR370406310.98
1961-71Jaguar E Type (gross)265290010.94
2003-05MG SV320339510.61
1965-71Aston Martin DB6 Vantage (gross)325341710.51
2000-05Vauxhall VX220 Turbo197205010.41
2004-08Jaguar XJR390395810.15
2013-Bentley Continental GT Speed61660639.84
1990-92Vauxhall Lotus Carlton37736669.72
2005-11Lotus Elise SC21720419.41
2015-Land Rover Range Rover Sport SVR55051489.36
1995-04Aston Martin DB742039149.32
2013-Lotus Evora S34531689.18
1996-04Lotus Esprit V835030438.69
2014-Rolls Royce Wraith62453808.62
2006-Aston Martin V8 Vantage (S)43035498.25
2011-Jaguar XJ Supersport51041238.08
2006-11Lotus Exige S25720578.00
1993-00Aston Martin Vantage55043877.98
2013-Jaguar XFR-S55043807.96
2014-Aston Martin Rapide S56543877.76
2014-Jaguar XJR55041297.51
2013-15Jaguar XKR-S55039687.21
2007-Vauxhall VXR857741467.19
2009-Morgan Aero Supersport36726017.09
1992-02TVR Griffith34023366.87
2014-Aston Martin Vanquish56538346.79
2015-Jaguar F Type R55036386.61
2015-Aston Martin V12 Vantage S56536716.50
1999-06TVR Tuscan Speed 640024256.06
1992-94Jaguar XJ22054032416.00
1996-03TVR Cerbera Speed Eight42024255.77
2005-Ariel Atom 324513505.51
2013-14McLaren MP4-12C61932595.26
1990-92Jaguar XJR-1545023415.20
2015-McLaren 650S64132365.05
2009-12Aston Marin One-7775035944.79
2006Ascari A1060028224.70
2011-BAC Mono28511904.18
2011-Nobel M600 (race)65026454.07
1992-98McLaren F162725134.01
2013-Caterham Superlight R62031012013.87
2015-McLaren P190332803.63
2006-Ultima GTR72721833.00
1998TVR Speed 1296024252.53
2009-Ariel Atom 50050012132.43
2012Caparo T157512652.20

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