Today was like Christmas, except Santa was driving a box truck with a liftgate, I knew exactly what was coming, and I paid for it in the first place. I guess it wasn’t at all like Christmas.

My garage has been severely lacking something for a while, which has slowed down countless projects and otherwise been a great inconvenience. Now, however, I am very close to never having that problem again.


That’s right - I finally got my dream compressor. No, it doesn’t compress dreams, it compresses air. A dream compressor would be neat, though.

What you see is a 5HP, 60gal air compressor rated for 18CFM @ 90 PSI, continuous duty. I cannot fathom anything I would be doing that will come close to running out of air from this, provided I plumb it right (which I intend to do).

I’ve already got the circuit pulled (as a reminder it is no fun trying to pull 10/3 through an insulated wall) and ready to wire in, appropriate oil is somewhere in the mail (they double your warranty period if you use genuine IR oil, so yeah), and I’ve got some people coming by tomorrow morning to help me get it off the pallet and into the corner where I will anchor it for good without it tipping over and crushing me.

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