Recently some outlets were predicting that the Volvo brand would disappear from the U.S. next year. This would be quite a shame as you seem to be getting some mojo back in terms of your lineup. What do you say we craft an answer to the doubters within the industry?

I love your new slogan- "Volvo's aren't for everyone...and we kinda like it that way." It's refreshing to see a brand not trying to be something else, especially when the big names in the luxury market are all taking cues from each others' playbooks. And there is one vehicle that exemplifies this tagline, the V60. Wagons clearly are not for everyone, as a wagon fan I am reminded of this constantly by folks quoting sales figures. You and I both know that the V60 will not sell in large numbers, but what it can do is get the right people talking about Volvo. The V60 R-design will be the most powerful wagon on sale in the U.S. market second only to the Mercedes E63 AMG (more on that later). This sexy sport-wagon should be the tip of the spear when it comes to piercing the sales away from the Germans.

Speaking of the Germans, I can appreciate your new-found attitude with the "A4 Challenge" it's great you are not just the "safety brand" anymore. But I'm afraid you are aiming for the wrong target by just going after the average A4 buyer. You see most folks that buy German do so for status, and you made it very clear you don't want those status buyers. The Audi buyers you do want are the ones that like the brand for its history, its Motorsport victories, its wagons (like me). Audi doesn't sell wagons in the U.S. anymore, they claim they do but those of us who are true Avant fans know the Allroad doesn't count. And while you are cherry picking Audi drivers away from their brand be sure you do not forget about your Volvo fan-base that loves you for more than just safety features. Again, many of these fans had your wagons at one time or another, or maybe longed for one.

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The V70 R and 850 R have achieved cult status, as some of the foremost "sleepers" you could put in your driveway.


You have a great history of making wagons cool. Not everyone got the message but that is o.k. The V60 can make wagons cool again for a new generation that is tired of crossovers and boring sedans. If you really....I mean really want to get people talking about the brand you will forget all about that silly A4 and have Polestar take a crack at the Mercedes E63 AMG. The Polestar S60 was amazing, have them work their magic on the V60.


The European market for super-wagons exists, so I'm sure you will move a few units there. As to the U.S market, since Caddilac's CTS-V wagon is now discontinued and Audi refuses to import the RS4/RS6 Avants there is an opportunity here for Volvo. Again, this is not a high volume car but a halo car, much like the NSX is to Acura or the GT-R is to Nissan. But instead of a traditional sports car, performance will be done the Volvo way....with a wagon!