I took the family on vacation yesterday. We stayed in Indianapolis last night, and hit up their amazing children’s museum. Today we went to the Indy Motor Speedway museum (I’ll do a photodump after I get home next week), and took a bus ride around the track. We then headed east to Ohio to visit a friend. On the way my truck rolled 123456 miles. I was way more excited for that than I should’ve been.

We’re now in Springfield, OH to visit a friend. At dinner I discovered all the four door sedans that nobody buys any more. ALL OF THEM!


The place was packed, we were fully half of the customers who didn’t have an AARP card.

Also, this was the pork tenderloin sandwich that I had in Indy. I had to eat more than half of it before it would fit on the bun. It was amazing. You should be jealous.