A Minute By Minute Rundown Of "The Untitled Car Show"

Or as it’s also known: “Oppo holds an intervention for G_Body_ManGive it a listen!

00:00: Oppo fixes Topgear and Motorsports broadcast

15:30: Oppo contemplates the “most real” racing series

18:20: Oppo doesn’t really go racing

22:00: Oppo bitches about critiques car TV shows

25:30: Oppo hates strongly dislikes Richard Rawlins

29:00: Oppo reflects fondly on Pimp My Ride

30:30: Oppo laughs about Street Outlaws

32:30: Oppo misses Overhaulin’

36:00: Oppo discusses car designers

43:00: Ike does not know the future

43:30: Oppo discusses how mod Ike’s car

47:30: Ike asks a question to the Oppos

54:00: Oppo stages an intervention for G_Body_Man

1:00:00: Jake joins the intervention for G_Body_Man

1:09:00: Oppo discusses hotrod W-bodies and 3800s

1:12:30: Malibu Corner

1:18:30: Oppo mourns the death of Pontiac

1:22:00: Oppo turns on Ike over the Ion

1:25:00: UCS gone wrong gone sexual

1:32:00: Oppo knows Mustangs suck

1:37:00: Jake reflects on crashing an NA Miata

1:44:00: G_Body_Man’s intervention resumes

2:00:01: End of Show


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