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A mod with teeth.

I realized that my group needs... improvements.

So I created a set of ten rules, three of which address how to post shit on sale. People appreciate the shit on sale on the group. But I am adamant in regulating it. Me and my team of mods basically became the CFPB.

In order to avoid unfair pricing, we made it obligatory that the prices of products are made public. We also made them describe the product better, where it’s on sale, and to add photos to prove condition.

The transition into a group primarily for memes has begun.

Other than that, today someone tried to bribe me. This guy bought 450 tickets for Avengers endgame, and as a reseller does, he did not post the price. so that each person would pay different amounts for the tickets. We pulled his post down, and added a new one... with a price of 1 peso per ticket. He also commented on the post, “ Is it OK now, Admin?”

I took it down, and removed his posting privileges. He contacted me inmediately apologizing and saying that he’d give me a free ticket if I let him post again. This is why you don’t buy 450 tickets for a movie with the intention to resell to a limited number of people.

I did not accept the bribe, but I approved his post with the correct pricing for the tickets. I never thought I’d be offered a bribe on my third day as the admin.


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