Early today, I was presented with this image of the “Exotic Rides W70.” Several things struck me. 1. There is no way in hell this will ever reach the streets in any meaningful way. 2. That is the fucking dumbest name for a car company I have ever heard 3. It looks like the La Ferrari and new Ford GT had a love child that didn’t quite make it out of the idea phase.

Digging into their website, which has auto playing music of the EDM variety, you look and see they are a bunch of car customizers from Florida trying to make their own car. And they claim to be taking pre orders. Oh and also? They claim to be delivering the car in the fall. All full of shit. That is until they can prove it otherwise.


And that is where my modest proposal comes in. The only people that should be allowed to announce a car without a running prototype, or better yet, a production mule, are major OEMS. Mom and pop supercar shops like this need to come out big and bring a working car. Do journalist drives, anything. Other than that, it’s all crap clogging up car forums, Facebook pages, and twitter.

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