WARNING: This post is sarcastic (well maybe not technically, but the point is it’s in jest.)

I propose that in order to get out of the greys on FP you should have to take a test. Certain answers will get you points or loose you points. By the end you have to accrue a certain amount in order to get out of the greys.


Below is a first draft of the test, with the points awarded for each answer are displayed.

1. Of the following, what is the best automotive company?

A. FoMoCo +0

B. Fuji Heavy Industries +0

C. GM +0

D. FCA -10

E. GM, it’s the only one I’ve heard of -10

F. None of the above +10


2. Have you ever “drifted” or corrected oversteer?

A. Yeah! After I saw 2Fast 2Furious I pulled the handbrake on my ‘05 Corolla leaving the theater parking lot. I’ve been addicted ever since! -25

B. I was driving a friend’s truck one time in the rain and the back kicked out. I stayed off the brakes and was able to get it under control again. +10

C. Yep, I’ve read all I can about suspension and vehicle dynamics and occasionally take my 350z to drift events. (Automatic Pass!)


D. I have a FWD car, but a few times I trail-braked a little too hard and got a little bit of oversteer, but I was able to correct it. +15

E. Only in racing sims TBH +5

F. I live somewhere it snows a lot and I’ll take my Mk. 3 Golf into an empty parking lot and practice my Scandinavian flick. +25



3. You’ve been given an EG Civic hatch as a second car. What are the first five mods you’d do to it?


A. Throw it away, FWD cars are junk! -25

B. Turbo kit bruh! Then headers, AEM CAI, 20" wheels, and NOS! -75

C. Some lower springs, appropriate shocks, poly bushings, lightweight flywheel, and bigger rear roll bar. +10


D. Nothing, I’d just maintain it how it is. +15

E. Swap in a B18 engine and trans then the suspension stuff from C. +25


4. What do you like most about cars?

A. Working on them and driving something you fixed/built. +25

B. Driving twisty roads fast and cornering hard! +10

C. Hitting the gas pedal and it goes fast! -5

D. Nitpicking about interior materials and features (Automatic fail)


5. What’s the most important part of a car to you?

A. Chassis rigidity +50

B. How much horsepower it has!!! -50

C. Steering and Suspension +25

D. Brakes(?) +5

E. How comfortable it is +0

F. Interior -25

G. The prestige of the badge, how else am I going to display my superiority? (Automatic fail)