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A Montego Family Loss

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Good Morning Oppo Family, I’ve got bad news today.

I think I’m finally ready to tell my Oppo Family about what happened in July. I’m not sure if you all noticed, some of you have me on Facebook and found out there, but I was off of Oppo for about 3 weeks.

Illustration for article titled A Montego Family Loss

On July 8th, our daughter Emery Rose was born with angel wings. She was only 11 ounces and 9 inches. She was entering the 24th week of our pregnancy when her heart gave out, she had a Hypoplastic left heart, which means the left side didn’t develop at all which left her right heart with a whole lot more workload. The Doctors actually told us they were amazed she made it past 12 weeks. She was a fighter, and she fought really hard for us.


It’s been almost a month, I’ve been back to work since last Monday (you may have noticed I started commenting again) and we’re trying to heal as best we can. We’ve had lots of great support from friends and family which has been wonderful.

We’ll never forget her and we’re really lucky that we were at least able to spend a little time with her and hold her. I’m not going to pull punches with you guys, it’s the worst experience of our lives. It really sucks.

Now, the only thing I would ask of you guys, is that my wife is running this small fund raiser for a non-profit that makes something called “Molly Bears”. The bears are built as close as possible in size and weight to babies who didn’t make it, just like Emery. The company only really works off donations and so far my wife has raised $710. Not only has she covered the cost of the bear she wants, every $450 gets 10 bears for other families that have gone through what we’re going through. Her goal is only $900. I’m hoping the power of Oppo will get her closer! One of the things that helps us heal is to do nice things for other people. If you would consider taking a look at the link, she’s done a write up over there and it explains things a bit more in depth. I’ve included the link right below:…

Next time I post it’ll be a happy post about the Montego or the Commander, you guys need an update on both, lots of things have happened on those! Thanks for your support in advance, because I know this community will be full of support.

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