A month with the rental i30. AMA

I miss having a manual. The transmission is probably the biggest let down of what is otherwise a solidly built and comfortable car. Korean cars have come a long way. I’d be very interested to drive one of the higher spec turbo models with the dual clutch for comparison.

“Sport Mode” is laughable. It keeps it constantly in a lower gear that you would never have it in. I’ll be driving down my 50kph residential street turning 3.5k. Ridiculous. On the contrary, Eco Mode does a great impression of a car that’s about to run out of fuel. That’s about it.


Favourite feature? I’ve never had a car with auto folding mirrors. Soooooo good. I want these forever. I can reverse park in every spot without worrying about my mirrors being swiped. That, the sunglasses holder, and caring so little about it that I can park in spots like this for fun:

One thing that does piss me off is the screen. It faces the centre of the car, but also angled up slightly. What this does is catch all of the glare from the sun, constantly. Totally clear fishbowl windows don’t help. This is what I see while driving. Thankfully it’s a matte surface, otherwise it would be close to useless at midday in this sun.


That said, I haven’t hated using the touchscreen as much as I expected to. It’s responsive and works just fine.


Unrelated: It is fucking hot. January is normally a heavy wet season here but this year it didn’t rain a drop. Everything is this colour. It’s been day after day of sweltering humid heat since Christmas and I’ve had it.

Pls send some Polar Vortex™ my way.

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